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Kerax are proud UK distributors for EcoSoya® waxes from NGI Nature's Gifts International. The range offers an environmentally friendly alternative to paraffin waxes for candle making as well as other industries such as Pharmaceutical and Paper and Packaging manufacture.

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Natural Candle

5 Reasons To Choose

EcoSoya Natural Soy Waxes offer many benefits to manufacturers including:

  • Sustainable and Biodegradeable
  • 100% Plant Based
  • All Natural
  • Manufactured from renewable sources
  • Free of petroleum products


CB-Advanced Soy Candle Wax
Ecosoya CB-Advanced Soy

Soy Based Container Candle Wax.

EcoSoya CB-Advanced Soy has extreme resistance to bloom (white frosting) and “wet spots”. It contracts slightly to produce a uniform beautiful appearance, requires only one pour, has good scent throw with fragrances, and a creamy white appearance.

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Pillar Blend Soy Candle Wax
EcoSoya PillarBlend

Soy Based Pillar Candle Wax.

EcoSoya PillarBlend is suitable moulded candles such as votives, pillars, tarts, etc. It has excellent scent throw working best with fragrances and is self-releasing from moulds. EcoSoya PillarBlend is made from pure 100% soybeans. Candles made with EcoSoya PillarBlend have a creamy smooth appearance.

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EcoSoya CB-135
EcoSoya CB-135 [Discontinued]

Soy Based Container Candle Wax.

EcoSoya® CB-135 has excellent adhesion to containers without preheating, requires only one pour, has an excellent scent throw with both fragrances and essential oils and a creamy white appearance with some potential to bloom (white frosting) when using dyes.

EcoSoya CB-135
EcoSoya CB-XceL [Discontinued]

Soy Based Container Candle Wax.

EcoSoya® CB-XceL™ is 100% soy and molecularly blueprinted to control polymorphism. It has extreme resistance to bloom (white frosting) and “wet spots”, while producing an excellent scent throw with fragrances. It maintains an even burn pool with consistent color retention.


Full specifications for all of our Natural Wax products can be found on the Natural Candle Waxes page at Parrafin wax, Petroleum Jelly and other manufacturing raw materials are also available on our website.

Who Are Kerax?

Initially established in 1962 Kerax are experts in wax and wax blending.
Kerax supply extensive and comprehensive ranges of waxes and wax blends and are large scale producers of petroleum jellies for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial and commercial use.

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